The tooth broke: what to do?

слA broken tooth is quite often a phenomenon that almost everyone faces. A piece of tooth may break off during eating, as a result of injuries (for example, in active sports or accidents) and even because of tooth decay. Also, a non-professional treatment (for example, an incorrectly selected pin size) and increased chewing load on the teeth can result in tooth breakage, which can result from malocclusion or the absence of adjacent teeth.

In addition to pain and discomfort, a chipped tooth can spoil aesthetics, especially if the front tooth is broken. In some cases, the damaged tooth may stagger or the gums may bleed, which will be a direct sign that you need to see a dentist at your doctor's office.

What to do when a tooth breaks

If you felt that a piece of tooth had broken off or heard an unpleasant crack, then first you will need to determine the criticality of the situation and the severity of the breakdown.
If you started bleeding after a fracture, blot this place with a piece of gauze and rinse your mouth with salt water. In case of acute pain - take an anesthetic and make a cold compress.
If you have even the slightest suspicion of a tooth breakage, then immediately contact a dentist at the clinic.

Restoration of a decayed tooth should occur as soon as possible, otherwise it could be fraught with unpleasant consequences, which we will discuss later.

How does tooth restoration work?

As mentioned above, tooth restoration involves a visit to the doctor, at which the dentist will determine the nature and extent of the injury. After that, the specialist will also need to find out if the tooth is dead or alive, whether you have treated the tooth before, and based on all the information, a decision will be made by which method and how to restore the teeth.

The degree of criticality of tooth breakage

  1. If we classify tooth fractures, then 3 degrees of criticality can be distinguished:
    Fracture within the enamel. If a small piece of tooth has broken off or a surface crack has formed, then this issue can easily be solved by filling. Also, at the request of the patient, a crown, lumineers or veneers can be used for tooth restoration.
  2. A tooth broke to the nerve. Here it is necessary to take an x-ray, and to identify the risk of pulpitis and whether the filling of the channels is necessary. Next, a broken tooth will be restored using a dental crown. You can learn more about the types of dental crowns in the article “Types of dental crowns”. If the walls of the tooth are partially preserved, then the doctor will be able to carry out tooth buildups with photopolymer materials.
  3. A tooth broke under the root (gum). In this case, a broken tooth will need to be removed and a dental implant should be installed in its place. But if the situation is not too critical, then perhaps it can be saved by installing a crown on the tooth.

n some situations, when a damaged tooth is very noticeable and spoils the look of your smile, the best option will be the artistic restoration of the teeth.

реставрация зубов

What risks can arise after a tooth fracture if you do not consult a doctor?

It is worth remembering that if a tooth is broken, then all the chewing load that was on it will go to neighboring teeth, and they will begin to wear out more quickly, deteriorate faster and even break.
In addition, if nothing is done, the root of the tooth may become inflamed, rot will appear, which can spread the infection throughout the body through the blood vessels. As a result, your heart will suffer the most, because microbes will begin to settle in the valves, and after a few years you may develop endocarditis. Since all these processes take place inside the body, you may not notice serious changes. But from the annual perspective, this will greatly affect your health and the health of your heart in particular.

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