Toothache – what to do if you can not get to the doctor?

Toothache knows no boundaries, therefore, despite the current situation in the world and the economy, teeth, alas, do not stop hurting, but getting an appointment with a dentist becomes a real test of strength. What to do if you find yourself in another country with a toothache or cannot get an appointment with a doctor in the near future? In this article, you will learn about what steps you can take given the current circumstances.

What to do if a tooth hurts?

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips on what to do with a toothache, basically they will contain the following items:

  • apply something cold;
  • take aspirin, it will help relieve toothache at home;
  • rinse the mouth with soda or herbal decoctions, etc.

But all these methods of getting rid of toothache are completely ineffective, especially if you are overtaken by acute toothache. In addition, if you overdo it with painkillers, you can, on the contrary, harm yourself. To prevent this from happening, you will need to consult a doctor. But before you do this, you can conduct an independent small analysis that will help you understand how to properly get rid of a toothache at home.

Step 1. Determine the type of toothache

Try to describe the type of your pain (stabbing, cutting, pressing, aching, throbbing, slight tingling, occasional pain).

Step 2. Mark situations when a tooth hurts

Determine when the pain occurs. It is constant pain, toothache that occurs during eating, pressure pain (when you bite), or pain is caused by a certain type of food (sweet, cold, sour). Write down what exactly causes pain and under what circumstances.

Important Note:If your toothache occurs after eating sweet or sour foods, you most likely have cavities. If the tooth reacts cold or hot, then there may be either caries or nerve damage (in case the pain is aching and does not let go for a long time). If the nerve is damaged, an analgesic effect is needed, preferably with the use of antibiotics. To get a prescription for medicines online, especially if you are abroad, you can click on the button below.

* the cost of the service according to the price list

Step 3. Check if your face is swollen or red

If you notice that the cheek begins to swell, then perhaps pus begins to collect in the gum. In this case, you will urgently need to get to the doctor, since antibiotics and painkillers in this case will not be able to help remove the root cause of the pain, but will only help to drown it out for a while.

Step 4. Specify when the pain in the tooth is felt most strongly

Be sure to note at what time of the day the toothache worsens: does it happen at night, during the day, or does the tooth stop hurting throughout the day?

Thus, you can independently collect important information and write it to the doctor, also indicating which tooth hurts, in which place, and what kind of pain.

Toothache and no one to turn to 

“So what if there is no doctor and I can’t get to the clinic either?”

In these cases, you can always sign up for a free 15-minute consultation at the Smile Office dental clinic or write us on one of the most convenient messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook, as well as by e-mail

In order to process your appeal faster and help you with a toothache, be sure to indicate all the individual information that we wrote about above, thanks to this, the doctor will understand what diagnosis to make and, accordingly, write out a prescription as soon as possible.

But remember that painkillers do not eliminate the problem, but only “freeze” it for a while, so in any case, you must immediately make an appointment with the doctor, and so that the wait is not so painful, ask for a prescription.

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