Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most advanced methods of replacing destroyed or missing teeth. Thanks to it you can regain the ability to chew normally, without limiting yourself in anything, as well as get a new beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

All-inclusive dental implantation

Smile Office Dental Clinic provides a full range of aesthetic dentistry services, including dental implants. We offer a comprehensive procedure for the placement of the implant, as well as full support throughout the whole period of engraftment. You have nothing to worry about, because we take care of everything.

One of the most important advantages of our dental clinic in Riga is the use of modern methods of implant planning and placement. Modern digital technology is designed to determine the required position of the implant as precisely and correctly as possible.

And the surgical template for implantation (giuded surgery), created according to the planning, facilitates the implantation of the tooth implant, because thanks to it the whole procedure goes without the slightest error. Therefore, we guarantee a precise and high quality dental implant placement.

Ten years of experience in the field of implantology and the professional approach of doctor Alexander Makarov allow us to take on even the most complex cases when other dentists refuse to operate.

When is a dental implant needed?

Lost one
or more
Lack of anterior
or marginal lateral
The removal of the tooth
resulted in the loss of
the adjacent teeth
Absence of the
entire dentition

What does tooth implant service include?

  1. Medical appointment and examination;
  2. Diagnostics and impression taking;
  3. Creating a 3D jaw model;
  4. Implantation planning;
  5. Making a surgical template;
  6. Bone grafting and gingival preparation (additional service, if necessary);
  7. Dental implant placement;
  8. Period of healing, taking root and recovery;
  9. Abutment and crown placement.
All surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Other types of anesthetics can be found here.

What dental implants we install

Our range of implants for various tasks suits every wallet: from budget to luxury brands, including Korean, German, Swiss and other implants.

Brand Country of origin Price, EUR
Dentium South Korea from 600€
Megagen South Korea from 600€
Dio South Korea from 600€
Sweden & Martina Italy from 850€
Straumann Switzerland from 950€

Implants have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and with consistent and proper care, the implant can last you even longer.

Types of implants we place

Different situations require different approaches, so we have a wide variety of implant types to choose from, including bone level implants and mini implants (orthodontic).

Installation method

Classic method in 2 steps

Initially, an implant is placed in the bone tissue. Then after about six months a permanent crown must be placed.

This procedure can be performed either manually ("by eye") or using a surgical template. With the manual method, there is a chance of a crooked implant because it is not always possible to determine the exact degree of inclination and drilling depth for the implant.

The second method is more precise and less traumatic, where there will be no strong incisions, and the healing period is several times shorter.

All in 4 implants (All-in-4)

The fixed denture design on 4 implants is excellent for restoring the entire dentition. This technique can save you time and money, because the price of four implants with a denture will be much lower than doing a full dental implant.

What else might I need for implant dentures?

Dental implant surgery is a service that directly depends on the individual patient's parameters and the condition of his or her oral cavity. Therefore, in addition to standard implant surgery, it may also be necessary:

  • bone augmentation;
  • Sinus-lift (open or closed);
  • bone transplantation;
  • gingival transplantation;
  • gingvoplasty.

Whether you need one of the above procedures can only be decided by your doctor after a consultation. Therefore, we recommend that you call to make an appointment with the dentist.

What to do before implantation

  1. Diagnosis of the condition of the oral cavity and bone tissue;
  2. Perform dental treatment if necessary;
  3. Professional teeth cleaning with airflow or any other type of cleaning. If necessary — oral hygiene.

It is necessary to make a full check-up in the therapeutic dentistry, so that during the implantation there will not be any other complications and troubles that will entail negative consequences.

Contraindications for implantation:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hemophilia;
  • periodontitis and other diseases of the teeth and gums;
  • oncological diseases;
  • bruxism;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • osteoporosis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • connective tissue diseases (rheumatic and rheumatoid diseases, scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus)
At the time of quarantine, admission is by appointment.
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