Dentist practicing with
Riga, Latvia

Skolas iela 14-15
Centra rajons, Рига


18 Оctober, 1981, Riga


Puskin liceum
Period of studies: 1996 - 2000


Riga Stradina University
Doctor (PhD)
Riga Stradina University

Minimal Invasive treatment options in atrophied bone, 2023

Barcelona, Spain

"Sweden & Martina", 2020

Workshop on advanced prosthetics with Sweden & Martina implants
Padova, Italy

Meerhof Educational Center, 2020

Lecture “The effectiveness of the initial consultation and the protocol for the presentation of the treatment plan”
by Alexander Baburov
Tallinn, Estonia

Bone Experts, 2019

Symposium on bone grafting “Bone Experts" with the participation of leading maxillofacial surgeons in Russia.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Master class by Professor Stefano Conti (Italy), 2019

Advanced prosthetics, B.O.P.T, Prama implant course (Sweden & Martina)
Riga, Latvia

Lecture by Dr. John Cois (Seattle)

"Clinical aspects of prosthetics on implants for predictable success."
Moscow, Russia

Clinic "Smile Clinic", 2018

A course in digital dentistry
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Clinic "Smile Clinic", 2018

Courses on the examination of patients according to the system of Dr. John Cois: Planning of dental treatment according to the system of Dr. J. Cois. Analysis of occlusion, diagnosis, planning, performing.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Med Grupe, 2017

Certified Digital Orthodontic Specialist with Air Nivol Eliners.
Vilnius, Lithuania

Kunkela Academy, 2017

Courses on creating digital biocopies of veneers and crowns using Cerec omnicam and Сerec sw v 4.5 systems
Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

ITI Institute, 2015

Surgery and prosthetics on Strauman implants. Work with non-prep veneers, lecturer - Dr. Schuneman.
Dubai, UAE

DSD Course by Dr. C. Kochman, 2015

Certified specialist in DSD (Digital Smile Design): prosthetics, implantology, aesthetic restoration of teeth
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dentistry "Masterskaja Ulibok", 2015

2-day workshop on the microscopic approach to prosthetics.
Moscow, Russia

DSD Basics, 2015

Building a smile design. Treatment plan and digital technology.
Dubrovnik, Croatia

NeoBiotech Office, 2014

Work with NeoBiotech implants. Sinus lift with NeoBiotech instruments.
Seoul, South Korea

TT dental, 2014

Bone augmentation, sinus lifting and work with NeoBiotech implants at the Seoul Academy of Implantology.
Tallinn, Estonia

Dentistry "Zobu Tirgotava", 2011

Prosthetics courses from Dr. R. Balabanovsky (Israel): full prosthetics, bridges, ceramics, aesthetics, face analytics, preparation, impressions, implants.
Riga, Latvia

Medical group, 2011

A workshop on cosmetic surgery on the gums from Anna Paritsky (Israel): Theory, practice of cosmetic gum surgery and operations to close recessions.
Riga, Latvia

Clinic "Apollonia", 2007

Seminar on the biomechanics of teeth from Dr. Nikolai Edinatsevich (London)
Poltava, Ukraine

Medical University, 2010

A course in implantology: vertical and 3D bone augmentation (building), sinus lift and implantation.
Vienna, Austria

Dental Clinic SIROWA, 2009

Course “Implantation from A to Z”
Riga, Latvia

Clinic "Apollonia", 2007

Aesthetic dentistry: dental reconstruction using Densply material.
Poltava, Ukraine

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