What is hidden behind the price of veneers and how much does a Hollywood smile cost?

Veneers have long been a favorite among those who want to have a beautiful snow-white smile. Of course, some people prefer to do teeth whitening, but these are the few lucky ones whose teeth are almost perfectly shaped, without chips and bumps.

If you want to improve your smile and not waste precious time on regular teeth whitening procedures, installing veneers will be the best solution.

What are veneers in dentistry and how many need to be installed?

Veneer is a thin ceramic build-up (also called ceramic restoration), which is attached to the front of the tooth. Together with your doctor, you can choose the desired color, shape and even length of the veneer. The final result will also depend on the number of installed ceramic build-ups.

If you want to make a little “tuning” of a smile, then you will need to install only 2 to 6 veneers, depending on your wishes. But it is worth considering that in this case the dentist will be limited in the possibilities of changing the parameters of the tooth (its length, width and height), as well as in the choice of color.

If your goal is a complete aesthetic restoration of teeth (Hollywood smile), then in this case it is necessary to install veneers in the amount of 8-10 pieces. Here, the doctor’s capabilities are already expanding, and the shape of the veneers is selected according to your face geometry and the desired color is selected.

фарфоровые виниры

What does the cost of veneers consist of?

The work of the dentist

The very first factor that you should pay attention to is the doctor who will install the veneers on your teeth. This should be not just a dentist with basic education, but an experienced doctor with expertise in prosthetics and orthopedics. Aesthetic restoration of teeth requires not only knowledge of the structure of the jaw. Therefore, the doctor who will install the ceramic veneers (build-ups on the teeth) must understand the parameters of the smile, the bite, know how to change the contour of the gums, be able to choose the right shape for the teeth and plan the aesthetic appearance of your future smile.

In addition, the dentist must also be able to carry out manipulations with the teeth. For if the veneer is installed in a wrong way or the tooth is sharpened too much, the veneers may break in 5 years already or your tooth will start to deteriorate from the inside, rot and the veneer will peel off.

Every good aesthetic dentist has his own portfolio. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask a doctor about his previous results of dental restoration and remember that a true professional will not discount his work. Therefore, the work of the dentist is one of the first factors from which the cost of veneers is formed.

Laboratory work

изготовление винировAfter diagnosing and preparing the necessary materials (you can read more about the process of preparing and installing veneers here), the doctor sends all the data to the dental laboratory, where the veneers are created. A specially trained technician is engaged in this. As is the case with the dentist, the technician has a different technique. It may be a purely technical specialist who will do everything according to the protocol, but his work will not cause a “wow effect”. Or it will be a technician-artist who will literally create a veneer. A good technician has a sensitive aesthetic taste, as well as chemistry skills. He knows how to properly “play” with color and subtly perform his work, like a jeweler. The look of your future smile depends on the skill of the technician, therefore high-quality work cannot be cheap.

Plus, it is also worth adding the high cost of equipment, because ceramic veneers are not only formed from ceramics but also baked in an oven at high temperatures (from 700 to 1000 ℃). Also in modern laboratories, there is a special cutter that correctly cuts the shape of the veneer. And in total, the cost of such equipment is measured in tens of thousands of euros, and all this is also included in the cost of veneer.


It is important to choose the correct ceramics from which the dental build-ups will be made. Different manufacturers add all sorts of chemicals, which can then become bluish or yellowish in the process. Therefore, it is very important to choose a “clean” ceramic, with further work with which the technician will be able to reproduce the necessary snow-white shade. Therefore, the better the raw materials, the more expensive it will cost and, accordingly, the price of dental veneers will be higher.

керамические виниры

Veneers: Price

Well, the last point - how much will the new smile cost? Depending on the clinic and the doctor’s experience, the price of veneers can range from € 450 to € 900 apiece. You should always check with your doctor what exactly is included in the price, because sometimes you will see a cheap price, but the additional costs of medical manipulations will make up the same amount. And in fact there will be no savings. In some cases, you can even overpay.

On average, the cost of diagnosis is € 250, pickup impressions and copies of the jaw are still approximately € 30-40 + anesthesia and the work of a doctor.

Thus, art restoration of teeth will cost you approximately € 5,000 (8 veneers). But the cost is always calculated individually and can balance both smaller and larger.

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