How to whiten your teeth? Teeth whitening in Riga and its types

Surely you have repeatedly thought about a beautiful snow-white smile. And to achieve this, you have 2 options: teeth whitening at home and teeth whitening at the dentist's visit. Each type of whitening has its own varieties, which we will talk about later and you will learn how to whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening in Riga at the dentist

Teeth whitening in dentistry can be carried out using a laser lamp or a special LED lamp (light activated whitening).

Light activated teeth whitening

фотоотбеливаниеThe light-activated whitening procedure takes place in several stages and takes about one hour. At the same time, a special gel based on hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 6-24% is applied to tooth enamel. This gel is activated by ultraviolet light, which is emitted by a lamp and under its influence, active oxygen is released, which interacts with enamel pigments, due to which safe teeth whitening occurs. After the procedure, the teeth are treated with fluoride, which will help reduce tooth sensitivity.

You can see the result of whitening immediately, but it will not be final, and over time, the teeth can become even whiter by 1-2 tones.

Teeth whitening with a lamp effectively eliminates plaque from coffee, cigarettes, and also fights pigmentation.

Light activated whitening methods

Light activated teeth whitening can be done using Beyond Polus, Luma Cool, or Zoom LED lamps.
The best of these systems is teeth whitening with Beyond Polus. It is safe for tooth enamel and does not overheat the teeth, thereby ensuring comfort for the patient.

Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening is more effective, but it is not suitable for everyone. The laser beam penetrates much deeper into the enamel, and can cause high tooth sensitivity. Therefore, if you have an increased sensitivity, then it is better to use other methods of teeth whitening.

How is procedure going?

лазерное отбеливаниеLaser whitening itself is a painless and safe procedure that is performed using a laser catalyst. Before starting the procedure, the doctor must remove the plaque and tartar, and also isolate the gums and mucous membranes with the help of a protective gel, and special glasses are put on the eyes.
After that, a gel layer with an oxidizing agent is applied to each tooth, which is activated by laser beams and penetrates deep into the enamel, removing the accumulated pigment.
Laser teeth whitening is faster than light activated whitening, but its effect is more short-lived. On average, the effect of LAW lasts for 2-3 years, while the laser effect will last about six months to a year. But this is under the condition that you will not be very fond of food with coloring matter (coffee, wine, etc.) and refrain from smoking.

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home is mainly carried out using mouth guards, whitening strips or special toothpastes. These processes take much more time and are recommended more to maintain color than full whitening (except for the use of mouth guards).

Teeth whitening with mouth guards

капы для отбеливания зубовWhitening with mouth guards lasts 2-3 nights on average and is the most popular way to whiten teeth at home. In dentistry, they will make an impression of your teeth, make mouth guards, and also give you a special syringe with a bleaching agent that you will use to fill mouth guards. Then you will need to wear them for the night and remove them in the morning. Just two or three nights and your teeth will turn whiter by a few tones.

Whitening strips and toothpastes

It is best to use whitening strips if your teeth are naturally light in color. Otherwise, they will not give you the desired effect. The composition of the whitening strips mainly includes either hydrogen peroxide or coal (most often coconut). Charcoal teeth whitening is best done rarely, since abrasive particles can damage tooth enamel.
Whitening toothpastes also serve to maintain the effect of dental whitening, and it is worthwhile to understand that toothpastes from the mass market are more a marketing move than an effective tool. Therefore, it is best to use toothpastes from trusted companies, such as biorepair or Tooth Mousse gel.


Teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant women, as well as people with intolerance to certain components in the composition of whitening products.
Also, this procedure will be ineffective if you have many dental crowns and fillings, since they practically cannot be whitened.

What is the best tool for teeth whitening or the method to choose - you need to decide based on their individual needs and capabilities. You can always make an appointment with a dentist and we will find you an individual way to whiten your teeth so that it is as effective and safe as possible for you.

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