Can crooked teeth be straightened by veneers?

Many people are interested in whether veneers are used on crooked teeth and can they correct the bite? The answer to this question is ambiguous because it all depends on the degree of teeth curvature and the location of their roots in the bone. After all, it is the bone that sets the boundaries for the movement of the roots. Therefore, on the one hand, you can correct crooked teeth with veneers, and on the other, you need to undergo orthodontic treatment. Let's consider these situations in more detail.

Veneers for crooked teeth

Quite often, adults are faced with crowded teeth, changes in the bite, and if in some situations you can close your eyes to this, in others it must be urgently corrected since a smile is one of the most important parts of your image. And it would not be wanted to spoil it with uneven teeth or smile at all 32 braces.

Many dentists in Riga will immediately answer you that it is quite possible to correct crooked teeth with veneers, and you will rush to the nearest clinic for a consultation with joy. But there you can expect an unpleasant surprise. Aesthetic correction of the size and shape of crooked anterior teeth is not prescribed for all patients.

установка виниров на кривые зубыIn what situations can you put veneers on crooked teeth:

  • there are minor cracks in the tooth enamel;
  • there are small chips;
  • the incorrect inclination of the teeth or a slight turn;
  • too large interdental distance or the presence of a gap;
  • cosmetic defects (ugly shape);
  • teeth overlap slightly.

In the latter situation, having placed dental veneers, you may not achieve the desired result, because everything depends on your specific case. If the teeth are in the right position, then you can safely go through the installation of veneers. If the teeth are out of place, then it is better to align them with aligners, and then put ceramic veneers or lumineers. You can find out more about all types of veneers here.

Can veneers correct bite?

There are situations when veneers cannot be placed. And malocclusion is one of them.

In the presence of serious orthodontic problems, it is imperative to resort to the help of braces or aligners, since veneers, alas, are not omnipotent, and they will not help to correct the bite.

Is there another way to fix crooked teeth without braces?

If porcelain veneers are not suitable for eliminating the teeth curvature, then the doctor may offer you an alternative so as not to put braces, and these are crowns. Just like veneers, dental crowns can help straighten teeth, and they also restoring functionality if, for example, you have a crack under the tooth root or caries has formed.

Let's summarize:

It is possible to install veneers on anterior crooked teeth with small defects. If you have serious orthodontic problems, then only braces or aligners will save the situation.

Crowns on crooked teeth can be used as an alternative to veneers. This is a better solution in terms of functionality and hygiene, but may not be the best option in terms of dental health.

It is better to find out which way of aligning crooked teeth in your situation is best in consultation with your dentist. Then, upon completion of the examination, based on your wishes and the clinical situation, a method for correcting the dentition curvature will be selected.

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