Dental implants types: which implants are better to choose

Many patients who have decided on dental implantation are concerned about the question “What implants are better to put?”. Now there are a huge number of types of dental implants, and this is good, on the one hand, and not very good, on the other, because of the more variety, the more difficult the choice.

Dental implants: types

To begin with, let's consider what kind of implants exist on the market and for what cases they are intended. They differ from each other in the way of installation, appearance, and functionality. Which of these types of implants you need will be determined by the implantologist, since it all depends on the patient's clinical situation.

Dental implants are divided into 3 main groups: 

  1. Bone implants. They are inserted into the bone, both through the gum (mucoperiosteal layer) and by folding the flap, for visualization of the bone and better access to the implant site. Such dental implants are placed in the bone of the upper and lower jaw. They can be in the form of a screw, a cylinder, or a plate;
  2. Subperiosteal implants. Installation of this type of implant is carried out by integrating the implant under the mucoperiosteal layer (gum). It stands between the gum and the bone. The subperiosteal implant is a metal frame that is located on the bone, and its support heads protrude into the oral cavity through the gum. It is used in cases where the patient has severe bone atrophy. This type of implant is not very popular;
  3. Transmucosal implants. These are the same bone implants, but with a polished gum section. 

все виды зубных имплантов

What to look for when choosing implants

Most often, patients pay attention to the cost of implants and put this criterion above everything else. But this is a deliberately false action because the price of implants directly depends on the quality that they can provide you. You can find out why the price of dental implants can differ in different clinics in this article. What then is important to pay attention to?

Implant design

In the standard sense, design is aesthetic view, but in the field of implantology, it is responsible for functionality. Titanium products can be smooth, can have different threads or rough surfaces — all this plays an important role when it comes to the successful engraftment of the implant and its fixation in the bone. Therefore, in the case of design, you need to take into account all the little things and choose not what you like visually, but what suits the functionality.


Most well-known manufacturers use pure titanium (gray 4) to create implants, but you can also find different options where, in addition to titanium, other metals (gray5), for example, vanadium and others, can be present. Each of the additional materials has its own biocompatibility with the human body and gives different properties. But if you want the chance of engraftment to be higher, then implants with purer titanium (gray 4) are preferable.

Implant surface cleanliness

As strange as it may sound, not all implant manufacturers clean their products well from metal shavings, oils and microbes after manufacturing. The fact is that the process of cleaning a dental implant requires technical equipment, it is quite laborious and financially costly, therefore those companies that do not save on cleaning are forced to set prices for implants higher, but this is quite justified.

Why is cleaning so important? .If the surface of the implant was not cleaned well enough and even small metal particles remained there, this in the future can only mean one thing - the implant rejection. More details about the reasons why they do not take root are described in the article "FAQ on implants".

Manufacturing firms

There is no residual answer to the question "What are the best dental implants", since in different situations each implant is good in its own way. But if we talk about transmucosal implants, then the leaders here will be the Italian Prama implants from Sweden & Martina. They heal well both with the gums and with the bone, which, in turn, prevents the penetration of microbes and provides higher aesthetic values, since the gums will “go away” longer and less. You can read a detailed review of Prama implants here.

Premium segment implants

Among the VIP segment, it is worth highlighting the Swiss Straumann implants with their patented SLA active technology, thanks to which the products take root as quickly as possible. Straumann is a company that has long established itself on the market, so you can be sure of the quality of their products.

In addition, premium implants also include:

  • Sweden & Martina (Italy);
  • Ankylos (Germany);
  • XiVE (Germany);
  • Nobel (USA).

Middle price segment implants

In the middle class, Korean implants are highly popular:

  • Megagen;
  • Osstem;
  • NeoBioTech;
  • Dentium.

They take root quite well and come in a wide range of sizes, making them versatile for any situation..

Economy implants

In the economy class, the leading implants are Neodent (Brazil) and ICX (Germany). It is a little more difficult to work with them, since the engraftment period may be longer, but with the correct installation procedure and further care, the possibility of rejection is minimized.

Remember that good implants are expensive because they reduce the risks of infection, rejection, and the chances of them breaking down.

But a lot also depends on the starting point (the state of the patient's oral cavity and his health). Therefore, always before deciding on the installation of this or that type of implant - consult your doctor first. Together with him, you will select the optimal type of implant that suits you both functionally and financially.

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