Why are implants so expensive?

Dental implantation and prosthetics are some of the most expensive dental services. Quite often, the price of dental implants scares away patients, and it is not always clear why for such a seemingly small screw you need to give a few hundred, or even thousands of euros. Therefore, let's figure out what is behind this price, and why dental implants can have different costs in clinics.

Research and development

dental implantAny invention, even the smallest and most insignificant, entails a huge amount of work and millions of investments. And dental implants are no exception. More than one year of research has passed, hundreds of millions of euros have been spent before scientists found bio-inert material compatible with human bone tissue.

The first to install dental implants for a man was Per-Ingvar Branemark, a scientist from Sweden. In 1965, Gösta Larsson, whose teeth were completely absent on the lower jaw, became his patient. Dr. Branemark put him 4 implants, after which a denture was installed, which subsequently radically changed the patient's life.

Manufacturing technology

A dental implant is not just a “screw that is put into the gum”. The titanium alloy from which the implant is made is not cheap on its own, because it has a number of standards and requirements, as after all this material will be in the human body.

имплант StraumannAlso, the technology of manufacturing implants is quite expensive. Indeed, for example, a machine only that cuts a titanium rod and makes a billet for the future implant costs about € 250,000. And at the factory there can be about 50-100 such machines.

In addition, the dental implant must be degreased and disinfected, which also entails an additional cost. Some manufacturers, for example Straumann®, additionally treat implants with special acid to make their surface rougher. This provides more reliable traction of the implant with the bone.

Competence of the implant surgeon

In addition to everything else, one should not forget that dental prosthetics and implantation are quite painstaking work and should be performed by a doctor of the appropriate level. But in order to achieve competence in this industry, it is necessary to have at least 5 years of basic education and another 5-10 years of expertise in implantology.

Also, the doctor or his assistant must understand the field of prosthetics, and this is an additional cost for training. On average, a good basic dentistry education costs about € 75,000, acquiring knowledge in implantology will be another € 50,000 + the base in prosthetics will cost the same.

As a result, € 175,000 is spent only on quality education. To all else, it is also necessary to add the spent efforts on training and years of practice. Therefore, a self-respecting good implant surgeon will not a priori devalue his work.

Service and clinic

стоматологический кабинетIn addition to the points listed above, you should also remember the place where dental services will be provided. This should be a well-equipped clinic or a full-fledged dental office with the appropriate equipment, which costs tens of thousands of euros. And in order to install the implant on the tooth, place the crown, build up bone tissue, you need to have special equipment, which also needs to be sterilized according to the protocol. After all, if at least one point is missed and complete sterilization is not achieved, the likelihood that the implant does not take root will increase significantly. This is another answer to the question “Why do implants not take root”.

And also do not forget about the state and the tax system. After all, doctors who work “transparently” also pay income tax, which is included in the cost of dental services.

Why can dental implantation be cheaper in another clinic?

Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. Therefore, seeing a significant difference in the cost of implantation, one should reflect on what was saved. Perhaps someone saves on sterility. It can also be saving on the quality of materials or a kind of “compensation” for the lack of experience. Therefore, before making a decision about implantation, be sure to go to a consultation with 2-3 different doctors and then, choose the specialist that you liked most, based on your own feelings.

Do not chase the price, because it can play a cruel joke with you, for which you subsequently have to pay.

You should also understand that at the first consultation it will be difficult to name the final cost of implantation. After all, the price of a tooth implant is formed not only from the cost of the implant itself but also from your needs, condition of the teeth, the amount of bone tissue, as well as other manipulations and materials that will have to be used in the implantation process. You can find out the approximate cost of implants and other services in Smile Office dentistry in the “Prices” section.

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