Why is it necessary to undergo bone augmentation before dental implants?

In dentistry, there is an increasing number of cases when the patient needs to undergo bone augmentation. This need arises when the bone volume is too small or atrophy of the bone tissue (its resorption and reduction) has occurred. Due to the small volume of bone tissue, it will be impossible to install a dental implant, because it will not have enough space and may not take root. And precisely in such cases, implantologists resort to bone grafting.

What is bone grafting and why is it necessary?

Bone grafting is a surgical intervention performed by an implantologist on bone tissue, increasing its width and height for subsequent dental implantation or elimination of defects in the dentition.
Bone grafting is necessary in order to secure the dental implant. An increase in bone volume may also be needed to prevent distortion of the contours of the face due to a decrease in the jaw. Also, sometimes there is a need for bone grafting to prevent tooth loss, displacement or loosening.

bone grafting

Causes of bone deficiency

In approximately 50% of cases, bone grafting becomes a necessity for patients, and a number of reasons influence this. The most common are atrophy of bone tissue and traumatic tooth extraction.
Atrophy occurs as a result of bone depletion when, for example, a tooth was removed, but then no measures were taken. Chewing pressure ceases to affect bone tissue, and the bone also loses its support in the form of a tooth root. For these reasons, over time, bone tissue begins to decrease in volume and dissolve. Therefore, after tooth extraction, it is advisable not to delay implantation and immediately resort to this procedure. It will not only be cheaper, but also less painful for you.

As for the traumatic extraction of teeth, many dentists quite often do not think about the safety of the bone walls around the tooth, and simply bite them with forceps during removal. Therefore, if you want to remove a tooth with subsequent implantation, choose an experienced implant surgeon who can save you enough bone, if possible.

How is bone grafting done?

наращивание костиDuring the diagnosis, the doctor determines the amount of volume needed for bone growth, and also selects the method of bone restoration. 
The process of bone grafting occurs as follows:
Before starting surgical manipulations with bone tissue, the doctor performs anesthesia. After it works, the implantologist makes cuts of the periosteal tissues and opens the gum. After that, the empty area is filled with special artificial or biological material, which helps to increase the height and width of the bone tissue.

If you had a tooth removed and you immediately decided to install the implant, but there is not enough bone tissue, the doctor will not need to resort to gum incisions. Due to the fact that an empty hole is formed after tooth extraction, it will be enough for the implantologist to fill in a special solution inside it and then suture it. In this case, trauma is completely absent, which will help you recover faster and easier.
If bone growth occurs much later, then it will be necessary to resort to surgical procedures.

Bone grafting: rehabilitation

On average, the rehabilitation period takes about 2-6 months. It can be quite painful, with the formation of edema and bruising, and also be accompanied by an increase in temperature. This is all a normal and natural process of our body, so do not worry. To facilitate the rehabilitation period, the doctor prescribes not only painkillers but also antibiotics to help the body fight new bacteria. After bone engraftment and re-diagnosis, you can safely proceed to the process of dental implantation.

Bone grafting: price

Depending on the degree of atrophy, as well as the material used to build the bone, the price of bone grafting can vary significantly, starting from 750 €. It is worth considering that the longer you delay the moment of bone augmentation, the more it will cost you and the price can be several times higher than with an operative call to an implantologist. Also, the price of bone growth depends on the methods and material, which we wrote more about here.
Appreciate the health of your teeth and visit your doctor regularly to prevent undesirable consequences and costs in time.

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