Materials for bone grafting

Nowadays, there are several types of materials that are used to restore bone volume. And bone grafting is sometimes the only solution that will help to make a reliable foundation if you need to install a dental implant. But what material to fill the volume of the bone is better to choose? Let's deal with this issue in more detail.

What materials are used to increase bone volume?

Bone grafting is done by cutting the gum and filling the bone defect with special materials. They can be both synthetic (Hydroxyapatite) and biological (animal or human origin).

materials for bone grafting

Synthetic materials

Synthetic material is much cheaper than its biological followers. And here, perhaps, its pluses end. Due to the fact that the material does not have any cells-engineers, it simply may not take root. Yes, it can create additional bone volume and make up for the missing parameters, but it will not be living tissue that can merge together with your dental bone. Therefore, you should consider all the risks and think carefully before choosing this material. Today, doctors hardly use this material.

Material of animal origin

The next material option is bone material of animal origin. It is the most popular among all types of materials for restoring bone volume. It is affordable and has a high survival rate. Animal material is produced in specialized factories that process animal bones, removing all antigenic substances from them, so that the human immune system can fully accept and integrate new material into the body structure.

Allogeneic material

The third and most expensive material is allogeneic bone. It is a biological material that is of human origin. Such material is quite expensive, so it is rather exclusive. Nevertheless, its price is justified by a high level of survival.

наращивание костной ткани материал

Own bone material

In some cases, you can make up for the missing bone volume using your own bone material taken from other areas where there is no defect. Fence of own material significantly increases trauma, but at the same time, it is highly effective, because in this case, the survival rate will be 100%.

Quite often, implantologists use combined material, mixing, for example, animal material with your own. Thus, artificial bone gives you the necessary volume, and your own - the potential for engraftment. This method is also very effective and is used if your own bone material is not enough.

Which material is better to choose depends on the technique of bone grafting and it is up to you to decide which way to go, but before that, be sure to consult your dentist.

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