Veneer installation requirements

Everyone wants to have a Hollywood smile, but only a few wonder how to do it. If you are tired of the constant whitening procedures, buying whitening toothpaste and sticking strips on your teeth in the hope that they will become lighter, then it's time to put the veneers.

We have already written more about what veneers are and how they are installed here, and now we will examine in more detail the requirements for installing veneers.

What do you need to put veneers?

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To install veneers on your teeth, you don’t need to make much effort. But not everyone can put veneers. Therefore, before contacting a dental clinic, make sure that:

- You have the right occlusion of teeth.

Patients who have malocclusion or too crooked teeth will not be able to install veneers. After all, their task is not to align the teeth, but to give them an aesthetically beautiful appearance. Therefore, before installing the veneers, it is necessary to align the teeth. You can do this with the help of aligners, special orthodontic mouth guards developed by our dental clinic in Riga.

- You did not have crowns on your teeth.

In the event that you have crowns, it is best not to restore your teeth with veneers, but to install new crowns. Also, in order to create a beautiful smile, it is not necessary to put veneers on all your teeth. Make an appointment and the doctor will advise you on the installation of veneers with crowns.

- You have no filling material on your front teeth.

If you have a large number of filling material on your front teeth, then the veneers cannot be installed, since the teeth must be grinded before installation. In this case, it is recommended to put crowns on the teeth.

- You don't gnash your teeth.

For patients who suffer from bruxism (gnashing of teeth) veneers are contraindicated. Indeed, most often the gnashing occurs during sleep when you do not control the movement, and you can accidentally damage the veneers or even break them. Before installing veneers, check to see if you suffer from bruxism.

- You have chewing teeth.

In the absence of chewing teeth, to begin with, you will need to undergo a procedure for prosthetics of the posterior teeth to even out the load on the teeth, and only then do the installation of veneers.

- You do not engage in extreme sports.

If you are a fan of martial arts or other sports that can injure your jaw, then veneers on your teeth should be put off until better quiet times.

- Your teeth are not abrased.

With increased tooth abrasion, veneers cannot be installed.

- You don't injure your teeth.

Lovers of nuts or seeds will have to give up their addictions, as such actions can lead to cracks in the veneers.

установка виниров

If all of the above requirements are met, then you can safely sign up for a consultation in our clinic. Smile Office Dental Clinic takes care of your teeth and will make your dream smile as soon as possible.

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