What crowns are better to install on posterior and lateral teeth

Crowns for posterior teeth are actually the easiest to select because the most important factor that they must correspond to is reliability and strength. The posterior teeth are responsible for chewing abilities, therefore they are the most massive and strongest, which allows them to cope with a heavy load. Lateral teeth, as well as posterior ones, are auxiliary teeth and also take part in chewing and help to keep the dental bite, protecting the jaw joint. Since the functions of these teeth are similar, the requirements for crowns will be similar.

Recently, we examined the topic of installing crowns on the front teeth, you can read about it here.

And now we will consider what crowns are better to put on posterior and lateral teeth.

Crowns for posterior and lateral teeth

металлические коронкиSolid metal crowns (cast)

Metal crowns made of chrome cobalt have a silver color, which makes them unattractive, but from the functional side they are very good. Such dental crowns have a long service life and are unpretentious in care. But there is a risk of allergies to this material, which will cause discomfort and irritation of the oral mucosa. But these are quite rare cases.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

You can also install crowns made of cermet on the buccal and posterior teeth. But they have their drawback, namely, it is necessary to grind a large volume of the tooth, which can lead to the opening of the nerve and further treatment of the canals. But in terms of strength, functionality, and aesthetics of the crown, porcelain fused to metal crown is an acceptable option.

Zirconia crowns

Zirconium dental crowns can also be installed on the lateral and posterior teeth. Only unlike the anterior ones, zirconium crowns for the posterior teeth can be made of pure zirconium, without layering ceramics. Solid zirconia crowns are more durable, therefore they will not break under heavy load.

коронки e-maxGlass-ceramic crowns E-max

Very often with minimally invasive actions on the posterior and posterior teeth, crowns made of lithium disilicate, also known as E-max crowns, can also be installed, but only if conditions allow. Such glass-ceramic crowns have high aesthetic indicators and good strength.

Gold crowns

If the aesthetic side is not so important to you, then you can install gold crowns, because they are the best option for maintaining the health of your teeth in biological terms.  

More about the types of dental crowns and how they differ read in the article "Types of crowns and their differences".

Total placement of crowns on the lower and upper teeth

If the patient needs to install crowns on both lower and upper teeth, then putting all dental crowns of the same type is highly not recommended. The same materials that have a strength higher than that of enamel can spoil the jaw joint since the load on the jaw muscles will be several times greater. Then, over time, simply unpleasant sensations and pains begin to appear, after which the patient will feel pain not only during eating but even while opening his mouth.

Therefore, it is necessary to put crowns on teeth from harder material on one jaw, and from softer material - on the other. Then such products will last longer, the risk of crown breakage will decrease and the load on the joint will be less, and everything will be in balance.

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