Crowns for front teeth: which crowns to put?

A rather popular direction in dentistry is the installation of crowns. But there are pitfalls behind this procedure, like behind many others. This is especially true for crowns on the front teeth. Which crowns to choose for installation on the front teeth will be considered in the article below.

How to choose front teeth crowns?

There are 3 most important factors that the patient pays attention to when choosing dental crowns:

  1.  The economic factor. The patient looks at the cost of the crown on the tooth.
  2. The quality factor. The choice of material and clinic.
  3.  Aesthetic factor. For the front teeth, dental crowns with a higher level of aesthetics are necessary so that they do not stand out from the rest.

But it is also worth considering the biological factor, namely the interaction of the body with the material of the dental crown.

Crowns for front teeth

коронки на зубы

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic dental crowns have the highest aesthetic indicators. But there is one caveat it is best to install them on your own teeth. Then the effect will be strong, reliable and beautiful. If the teeth are dead or you have metal dental posts, then it is better to put crowns with a zirconium base.

Zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns combine well with the body, but for front teeth it is better to use not pure zirconia dental crowns, but with the addition of ceramics to improve aesthetic indicators. In addition, pure zirconium crowns can erase the teeth of the opposite jaw.
If we talk about which material is better for front teeth crowns, then ceramic crowns will be in the first place, ceramic-zirconium crowns in the second and painted zirconia crowns in the third.

Gold crowns

Biologically, gold crowns are considered the best. They are best combined with the human body, but, unfortunately, have the worst aesthetic indicators. Crowns made of gold are recommended for those people who are allergic to other materials, as well as those who do not care about the aesthetic factor.

Read more about the types of dental crowns here.

Installation of crowns: from which teeth to start?

If your front teeth bother you, then everything is clear. You just need to install crowns on the front teeth.
But, if you have problems with front and, for example, lateral teeth, and there is no possibility to put crowns for all teeth at once, then, first of all, you should pay attention to the lateral teeth. Most patients want to do the front teeth first thing because this is aesthetics. But in fact, installing crowns on the front teeth first is a huge mistake. The fact is that the lateral teeth provide protection for the jaw joint and bite stability. If you initially make the front teeth and leave the lateral teeth for “later”, then the entire load will go to the first ones, and they will begin to come forward, forming the so-called “fan”. Then the teeth can begin to wear out more and break, and cracks will form between them. Therefore, only after the “repair” of the lateral teeth is it necessary to start installing crowns on the front teeth.

About which crowns are best to choose for the lateral and posterior teeth, read the article “Which crowns are best placed on the posterior teeth”.

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