Crooked teeth: causes, defects and how to align teeth without pain

Crooked teeth bring little pleasure to our life. Many people (and especially girls with crooked teeth) have a lot of complexes and constraints. People with crooked teeth try to smile less often or hide their smiles behind the palm of their hands. In some cases, the curvature of the teeth interferes with even career growth, and this, in turn, entails even more disorders.

How to fix crooked teeth?

 To the question: “Is it possible to correct crooked teeth”, you will hear the unequivocal “Yes”. And to do this, you have two ways: aesthetic dentistry or orthodontic treatment.

Aesthetic dentistry

In some situations, you can put veneers on crooked teeth or crowns, and they will completely hide your defect. Dental veneers are thin ceramic pads that attach over the teeth to give you a beautiful Hollywood smile. Ceramic veneers can last you from 10 to 15 years, and they do not require specific care. Installing veneers on crooked teeth will help you find a beautiful smile and correct a tooth defect in a short time.
Also, in terms of aesthetic dentistry, crooked teeth can be fixed by prosthetics and dental crowns. You can learn more about the types of dental crowns and their differences here.

голливудская улыбка

Orthodontic treatment (aligners and braces)

Very often, orthodontists offer to put braces to align teeth. Currently, there are 5 types of braces: metal, sapphire, plastic, ceramic braces that are placed on the front of the teeth and lingual (placed on the back of the teeth, thereby becoming invisible on the teeth). Most often, braces are installed in difficult or medium situations in complexity, when a very strong load on the teeth is needed so that they become in the correct position.
But if you want to align your teeth without braces, then the doctor will offer you an alternative - aligners (transparent mouth guards). But their only minus is that the aligners will not be able to help align the teeth in difficult situations.

Teeth alignment without braces in adults

As mentioned above, you can align teeth without braces with the help of aligners. To do this, the doctor prescribes computed tomography, assesses the position of your teeth and calculates the possible level of their displacement. After that, to make the mouth guards for the teeth, the doctor takes the pickup impressions, which are subsequently digitized, scanned and loaded into a special program. With this program, the orthodontist in his laboratory calculates how the teeth will move, as well as how long it will take for a full treatment and calculates the number of mouth guards. Jaw layouts are created in the application and then printed using a 3D printer. According to these mockups, the aligners are created. You will change the mouthguards on your teeth approximately every two weeks.

During orthodontic treatment, be sure to ask the doctor so that he correctly calculates the occlusion (closing of the teeth). Because both with the help of braces and with the help of aligners, you can perfectly align your teeth, but don’t calculate occlusion, and then you won’t be able to fully close your teeth, which will cause you great discomfort.

You can read more about the comparison of aligners and braces in our article “Aligners VS Braces”.

Types and price of aligners

капы для зубовThe most famous manufacturers of aligners are Invisalign (America) and AirNivol (Italy).тIn the Smile Office dental clinic, we work with the Italian brand AirNivol, because they have the best price-quality ratio.

We want to immediately notice that aligning your teeth is not a cheap pleasure. Prices for aligners for the entire treatment period range from 1,000 to 4,000 euros. It depends on the degree of difficulty, as well as your wishes regarding the treatment.

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