How to straighten teeth without braces: Aligners VS Braces

Just 20 years ago, teeth could be aligned only with the help of special plates, apparatuses, or bracket systems. Moreover, the latter were used most often, because even the most difficult situations could be corrected. But what if these methods of tooth alignment are not suitable for you? If you are looking for a method to help you align your teeth without braces, then use the aligners. But before making a decision, be sure to consult with an orthodontist, because in some cases only braces can save the situation.

What are aligners and how do they look?


Aligners are invisible braces for teeth alignment that are made of polycarbonate for everyday wear. They are almost invisible on the teeth, and most importantly - they can be removed at any time, unlike braces. To straighten the teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible, the aligners are modeled individually for each jaw. First, you go through computer diagnostics, then the doctor, using special programs, makes a forecast and modeling of your future smile. After that, using a 3-D printer, a set of aligners from 8 to 30 pieces is made, depending on the situation, and transmitted directly to the patient. Clear aligners for teeth are recommended to be worn for at least 22 hours a day to achieve the most effective result. But here it is important to consider that the straightening of your teeth depends more on your responsibility than on the doctor and aligners.

Aligners VS Braces: Comparison

элайнеры и брекеты

Painful sensations

Braces owners know firsthand what pain is. Every month after activation, especially at the initial stage, many patients complain of severe pain and inability to chew. Most take painkillers and exclude solid foods from the diet in the early days.

There are no such problems with the aligners. Teeth alignment is almost painless. Therefore, you will not need to endure pain, spend extra money on pills and refuse to use your favorite foods.


брекеты и элайнеры

We all want to have the most beautiful and natural smile. But while wearing metal braces, this result is unrealistic to achieve, since the bracket system is always visible on the teeth. The only way out is lingual braces, but they have many of their drawbacks.

Aligners are practically invisible. It is extremely difficult to notice their on teeth at a distance of 1-1.5 meters, and this is a very important factor for socially active people who constantly meet and speak in public. For everyone else, this is rather a pleasant bonus, because in everyday life almost none of your surroundings will notice clear braces for alignment on your teeth.


капы для выравнивания зубов

If you love an active lifestyle, engage in various sports and take part in team games, then you will have to think carefully before installing braces. After all, any hit of the ball, the puck or a missed blow in the jaw can significantly injure the oral cavity and break lips.

Aligners, in turn, do not do any harm, since they fit snugly against the teeth and do not have metal parts. Moreover, you can always remove them if you want.

Freedom and control

стоматолог Рига

Another drawback in comparing braces with aligners is regular visits to the doctor. Every 4 weeks you will need to visit the orthodontist so that he pulls up a metal arc that connects the braces locks. If you miss these visits, then the orthodontic treatment will take much longer, because the teeth will not move.

Using aligners to align your teeth will give you more freedom. Visits to the doctor can be reduced to one appointment every 2-3 months if necessary. You can travel often, leave for a long time or plan trips without reference to the orthodontist. Just take a set of aligners with you and change them yourself as needed.


уход за элайнерами и брекетами

Care for the aligners is effortless. It is enough to simply clean them with a toothbrush, rinse under warm water and they are ready to be worn again.

With braces, everything is more complicated. You need to have a whole arsenal of care, which consists of special toothbrushes, brushes, dental floss and irrigator to thoroughly clean not only the teeth but also the braces. And after each meal, you will need to brush your teeth, because pieces of food may remain in the braces, which does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Unexpected situations

стоматология Рига

There are times when your bracket lock comes off or a metal arc falls out. And if this is still a lock on the front tooth, then it will definitely not be possible to avoid the aesthetic cataclysm. Then you will need to urgently consult a doctor for gluing the lock and restoring the arc.

With the aligners, everything is much simpler. If they get mechanical damage, crack, break or lose, you can always call a doctor and within a couple of days, your invisible braces will be restored. No problems and worries.

Now you know how to align your teeth without braces, but whether this method is right for you, you can find out at a consultation with a doctor Alexander Makarov. Fill in the form for a free 15-minute video consultation (Zoom), or post your question on Facebook or by the email.

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