Implant and Denture Care

Installation of implants requires not only a lot of time and financial costs, but also thorough care. Therefore, before placing dental implants, you need to approach this consciously, taking into account all the risks and responsibilities, as well as the intricacies of care. Care of implants depends on the type of prosthetics.

In total there are several types:
• Light prosthetics (1-2 teeth with a crown)
• Installation of a dental bridge (for prosthetics of 3-5 teeth)
• Complete jaw prosthetics
• Dental prosthetics using removable retainers

Implant care with light prosthetics

ирригаторIf you have installed dental implants for 1 or 2 teeth, and you also have good enough bone tissue that completely covers the dental implant, then the care procedure will not bring you much trouble. It will be enough for you to carry out the same hygienic procedures as with ordinary toothbrushing (toothpaste, brush and floss). But besides this, you will also need a device such as an irrigator. This device will help you ensure good flushing of the jaw, especially in those places where the crown connects to the gum.

The irrigator can be filled with both water and a special tool that kills germs. Chlorhexidine does best with this. For antibacterial prophylaxis, it can be used for a week, and then you can switch back to flushing with water.

Dental bridge care

суперфлосIf you have a dental bridge (dental prosthetics using two implants) that fits tightly to the gums, then the care procedure will be identical to standard brushing using an irrigator. If there is a small gap between the two dentures, then you will additionally need to buy superfloss, a special thread with a fluffy tip, which will provide you with a careful and thorough cleaning between the implants.

Large denture care

If you have dental implants installed that hold the entire dentition (usually, to replace the entire jaw, you need to install 5-6 dental implants), then the care will be the same as for the dental bridge. In your arsenal, you will need to have an irrigator, as well as superfloss.

Care for removable dentures-retainers

съемный протезIf you have become the happy owner of “removable teeth”, then you need to consider that caring for them will be somewhat specific. For a removable denture-retainer to serve you for a long time, you will need to remove it every day and thoroughly clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. After this, the retainer should be placed overnight in a glass of water, where previously you need to dissolve a special tablet for washing dentures. This solution of water and tablets will help to clean dentures in a quality manner, providing them with perfect hygiene. The implants themselves, which are located in your oral cavity, must be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush.


Using toothpicks is not recommended. With these small, sharpened sticks, you can bring in microbes that can subsequently cause gum disease.

When brushing your teeth, try not to hit the gum too much so that it does not get injured. Because with strong exposure, the gum can gradually subside, thereby exposing the implant. And this entails additional care efforts, as well as the risks of gum disease. Therefore, try to clean the implants thoroughly, but carefully.

Special toothpaste for implant care

Not so long ago, manufacturers released a toothpaste designed specifically for the care of implants. The most popular of them are Alfa Implant and Miradent Mirafluor Implant toothpaste. They have special antimicrobial properties and provide gentle care for implants.

If your implant is a little visible from the gum

зубной ёршикIf you have little gum and you notice that the dental implant begins to be visible from under it, then in such cases, standard hygiene procedures (toothbrush + floss + irrigator) also need to be added with mechanical cleaning using a special toothbrush.

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