Everything you need to know about crown problems on teeth and on implants

What to do if the crown on the implant or tooth loose?

When the crown is loose, it is imperative that you make an appointment with a dentist, since there can be several reasons why it is loose, and it is important to identify and eliminate them in time.

Why the dental crown can be loose:

  1. The crown has come loose from the tooth. This often happens with crowns that have been installed recently. There may be several reasons for this.: 
  • First of all, the teeth are overloaded, which the cement cannot withstand and is destroyed.
  • Another reason may be inadequate preparation of the tooth for the crown, as well as non-compliance with the protocol of bonding the crown to the tooth.
  1. The crown is peeled off, but does not fall out. This is because the adjacent tooth holds this crown and prevents it from falling out. But do not delay with such a situation, as soon, a gap will appear between the tooth and the crown, where microbes will enter. After that, decay will begin and, as the end result, the loss of a tooth. Then you should install the implant.
  2. The tooth is loose under the crown. In this case, when the tooth is loose with the crown, the problem is most likely hidden in the root of the tooth, namely in its breakage. Unfortunately, such teeth cannot be restored. You just have to go for removal with the subsequent decision to install an implant or dental bridge.

A temporary crown fell out: what to do?

If a temporary plastic crown fell out or broke during treatment, turning, preparation for prostheses (implants), then there is only one way out inform the doctor as soon as possible and make another temporary crown.

What happens if you don't:

-  The tooth will remain uncovered, which will make it vulnerable to various diseases: caries, decay, etc., which will entail additional dental procedures and financial costs. Also, you will simply waste your time.

-  When you remove the damaged temporary crown, and the tooth under it remains without support and contact with neighboring teeth, then over time it can come out. As a result, it will be impossible to establish a permanent crown, and the tooth will have to be sharp again. And if you overdo it a little with sharping the tooth, then you can get to the nerve, which will finally spoil the living tooth, and then immediately there will be a need for depulpation.

If the temporary crown on the implant is loose, it must be replaced as soon as possible or a new one made.

What to do if you swallow a crown from a tooth?

Many patients are interested in the question to which doctor to go if they swallowed the crown and what to do in this case? Do not panic, and don't go to the proctologist too. A dental crown made of zirconium or metal-ceramic will not harm the body, since it is too small.

But what should be done is to make an appointment with dentistry, as urgently it is necessary to replace the former crown with a new one.

Correction of the deep bite with crowns

An incorrect bite always brings along many aesthetic, physiological and even psychological problems: a low jaw, impaired facial proportions, back problems (yes, the back and teeth are closely related), an ugly smile, which further leads to complexes, embarrassment, underestimation self-esteem, etc.

First of all, you should know that all questions regarding the position of the teeth in the oral cavity should be addressed to the orthodontist. But if you cannot or do not want to spend so much time or orthodontic treatment (braces), then as an option, you can install crowns that will raise the bite.

This procedure is also long, but definitely faster than braces. If you want to know more details, sign up for a consultation at the Smile Office dental clinic, where you will be provided with quality service and a professional approach.

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