Digital dentistry: installing a crown in 1 day

Need to install a crown on the tooth, but there is no time for a long wait? In this case, new digital technologies will help you. Thanks to the CEREC system, you can install a crown on a tooth in just 1 day, right on the day you go to the doctor. And this can be done in just 1-3 hours. Incredible, right? Let's take a closer look at how the CEREC system works and how to install a crown on a tooth.

What is CEREC?

The CEREC system is equipment for the manufacture of ceramic restorations according to the method of modern digital technologies. This allows you to restore the chewing function of teeth and aesthetics in just 1 day.

cerec система

The CEREC system itself consists of a whole range of technologies, equipment, and materials. It creates a design and makes ceramic crowns, build-ups, veneers, and prostheses using a specialized CAD/CAM system (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture).

If we take a film camera and a digital one for example, then CAD/CAM technologies will act as a digital camera, which makes everything much faster, more convenient and easier.

What is the advantage of the CEREC system?

As mentioned above, with CEREC you can install a crown in one day. That is, in the morning you can go to the doctor for an appointment, and already at lunch go out with a new crown. What also plays an important role is that the project of your teeth is saved on the computer by a doctor or laboratory, which allows you to restore the crown if necessary or replace it with an implant in a very short time, like 1-2 days.

Besides this, CEREC has a number of advantages:коронки cerec

  • Time-saving. Ceramic crown can be installed within 1-3 hours, the installation of the prosthesis can take up to 8 hours, depending on complexity.
  • No clay impression required. Especially relevant for those who have increased vomiting reflex;
  • Lack of temporary designs on the teeth. You do not have to wear temporary crowns or fillings, which will relieve additional discomfort and invasiveness;
  • High accuracy of repetition of the natural shape of the tooth. Thanks to computer calculations, ceramic crowns and dentures have an ideal shape, which is precisely adjacent to the tooth and has high aesthetic indicators;
  • The load on the temporomandibular joints is reduced;

In other words, CEREC is like a turbo accelerator in a car, only in dentistry. The quality of work is absolutely not lost, as well as the service life, but time and effort are significantly saved.

How are crowns installed?

цифровая стоматологияScanning (2-10 minutes)
The first stage in which a digital pick-up installation of your teeth is made by using a special scanner. Then it automatically gets into the computer.

Modeling and design (10-30 minutes)
In digital mode, the doctor simulates the future crown. Due to the fact that the image can be zoomed in several times, it is possible to significantly increase the accuracy of reproducing the shape of the tooth.

Ceramic block selection (1-5 minutes)
The color of the ceramic block preform is selected to achieve the desired result.

Crown shaping and undercut (10-30 minutes)
After the trace drawing of all the parts is completed, the computer calculates the volume of the dental crown and then sends this data to the grinding unit. A selected block of pressed ceramics is installed there, and with the help of a diamond cutter, the necessary shape of the crown for teeth is turned in a few minutes. In a classical laboratory, this would take up to 14 days.

Installation (from 30 minutes)
At this stage, it all depends on the speed of the doctor. Depending on the complexity, it will be possible to install the crown within an hour or two.

So, for today, the CEREC system is the best solution in dentistry for those who do not like to wait and waste time. CAD/CAM provides virtually unlimited possibilities for restoring dental functionality and aesthetics. With the help of digital technologies, you can put not only 1 crown, but also completely change the smile in just a few days. Therefore, if you want to quickly and efficiently solve the issue with teeth, then the CAD/CAM system will help you with this.

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